Why Should You Choose T.P. Exterminators?

What makes T.P. Exterminators different from other pest control companies? Our customers tell us it’s because we’re always on time for appointments, we’re honest and we give you the education you need to fix the pest problem yourself – if you want to!


On-Time Appointments

Your time is valuable. You shouldn’t have to wait around for hours (or even all day) until your pest control company shows up to get rid of the problem. When we make appointments, we make sure we’re on time and ready to do the job.

Right Treatment for the Right Pests

You need to be confident that your pest control company knows what they are doing. You need to know that they can properly identify the pest that has invaded your space. And that they are treating your property for the correct pest.

All of T.P. Exterminators expert technicians have been trained by one of the top entomologists in the U.S. – not many other pest companies can say that! You can rest easy knowing that T.P. Exterminators not only has deep knowledge of every common pest in our service area, but that we also stay up-to-date on new pest control techniques through ongoing training.


We’re happy to answer your pest questions by phone – and you don’t need to be our customer. We don’t mind telling you how to handle your insect or rodent problem yourself, if that’s what you’d like to do. If not, we’ll schedule an appointment – generally within 24 hours.

Many of our customers don’t know what type of pest they have. Sometimes we can help without it costing you anything. But if we need to come out and investigate, we do charge a nominal fee for identification and estimates. We’ll also let you know if you’ve got a real problem or not!

Who is T.P. Exterminators?

T.P. Exterminators has been providing environmentally conscious pest control services to residential, commercial and child sensitive spaces for 35 years. Founded by a retired New York City detective in 1973, T.P. Exterminators is now owned and operated by Scott Perry, a member of the Perry family’s second generation. Scott, a retired New York City fireman, has been working in pest control for more than 25 years and is also a certified Indoor Environmentalist. He provides inspections for asbestos, lead and mold as well as water and mold restoration through IAQ Technologies, a company he co-owns.

Our mission is to take care of the people who take care of us – friends and family of fire, police, civil service, and military personnel – with quality service, excellent advice at reasonable prices. We also serve real estate professionals – both buyers and sellers are our clients. We provide termite inspections, give sound advice and explain everything happening on the property.

We believe in taking care of our customers.

Every T.P. technician is a member of the Perry family and all of them have served as public servants – either as police, firemen, or postal workers. When you call T.P. Exterminators, you’ll always speak to the owner. When you contract with us, you’ll always deal with one of Scott’s family members. The only person in your home or business is one of our family members.

What is T.P. Exterminators’ Service Area?

We serve customers from Manhattan to Montauk! Our service area includes Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and all of Long Island. We’re sorry, but we don’t service the Bronx or Staten Island.

T.P. Exterminators is a fully-licensed, insured pest control company. We have umbrella pest control certifications. This means we are certified by New York State in many categories that other pest control companies simply don’t bother with – like mosquitoes and termite inspections.

Eliminate Your Pest Problem!

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