Got Bugs?

Insects and rodents can be scary. You don’t know if it’s just a couple of bugs or if you’re facing an infestation that could harm your family or your business. Whether you’re dealing with ants, roaches, other insects or even mice, rats and opossums, T.P. Exterminators is here to help. For more than 35 years, we’ve been providing pest control services for fleas and gnats to rats and raccoons.

Most of the time, one call to T.P. Exterminators can take the fear and urgency out of the situation. We’ll help you understand what you need to do and schedule an appointment.


We like to say, “If you’ve got it, we can kill it.”
We do it quickly. And discretely.

Most pest control companies will put you on a schedule and visit your property days after you call. We know that isn’t good enough. At T.P. Exterminators, when you call, you speak with the owner of the company. He’ll schedule an appointment within 24 hours – and we’ll keep it.

Discrete Service
Your neighbors don’t need to know your problems. We don’t have bugs on our service trucks because we believe in discretion. That doesn’t mean we aren’t pros. We purposefully have plain uniforms and trucks – without a pest control company name.

Full-Service Commercial & Residential Pest Control
Whether you’re in need of exterminating services, termite inspections, or rodent work, we know that one of your major concerns is having trust in the people who treat your home. With T.P. Exterminators, the only people in your home are the owner’s family members.

A majority of our technicians are either active or retired civil servants – from New York City police and firemen to members of the U.S. Postal Service. Who better to trust than those who have dedicated their lives to protecting and serving the community?

Many people don’t know what a pest control company does, but everyone knows what an exterminator is – you know – getting rid of the standard roaches, rats and mice. But pest control goes beyond that – it includes other insects and wildlife. We even provide some other services that many other pest control companies don’t – like mosquito control, termite control and termite inspections.

Pest Management Services
How do you know if your home or business is being treated properly? We provide the right service for the right insect or rodent. T.P. Exterminators isn’t interested in applying unnecessary treatments. We’ll give you sound preventative advice and service based on our expert training. Our service programs include:

Commercial clients: receive cost-effective monthly service for insects and/or rodents
Residential clients: receive reasonable priced one-time treatments, or quarterly or seasonal programs
Daycare center and school district clients: receive state-mandated, cost-effective Integrated Pest Management services

Pet-Friendly and Environmentally-Conscious Treatments
You worry about whether pest treatments are safe for your pets. We understand the concern homeowners have for their pets. That’s why the products we use have minimal impact on the permanent inhabitants of your home. Our specialty is environmentally-conscious pest control. We use treatment materials such as, pastes, gels, granular pesticides, rodenticides and glue boards.

While we use pet-friendly products, the research we’ve done and the care T.P. Exterminators has for our clients means we won’t treat a property when you are home or if children under the age of one year live in the house. You see, children under a year old should not be exposed to any pesticides because they have a greater chance of developing asthma later.

Stop Pests Cold!
With one call to Scott and his family at 516-781-9432, T.P. Exterminators will be there – for your peace of mind!

How We Control Pests

From Manhattan to Montauk, T.P. Exterminators provides Integrated Pest Management – a pest management program combining the use of pesticide-free materials and active pesticides.

  • Commercial Monthly Pest Control Programs for insects and rodents.
  • Residential One-Time Treatment for insects and rodents.

Residential Quarterly General Pest Control Program:
For ants, earwigs, silverfish, beetles, rodents, spiders, and crickets. The service begins in April with an extensive interior and exterior treatment then continues with quarterly exterior perimeter treatments.

Residential Seasonal Pest Control Program:
The service for occasional invaders (insects) starts in April with an extensive interior and exterior treatment then in July and October, you’ll receive exterior perimeter treatments.